Friday, 21 August 2009

People of Cows - it's a hard life!

Maasai people work hard to survive:
If cows and goats are your only source of income and survival then you will take every measure to make sure the animals are protected from ticks and the diseases they carry. Here the Maasai prepare to spray their animals with insecticide to protect them.
The cows are held in a rudimentary compound to make sure they get the appropriate dose of insecticide spray on their backs as the Massai cattle keeper pumps the sprat with a stirrup pump another makes sure none of the animals is missed. This is one of the few more modern practices which take place nowadays, however the Maasai still live in much the same way as they have done for centuries.

Large families have to be provided for as the Maasai travel around their Maasai Mara seeking water and pasture for their animals.

Pastor Tom Opiyo wife Eunice and son Peter
Pastor Tom and his family are based in Narok, Kenya, they are called by God to serve the Maasai people and have experienced hardship as a result, never the less they press on with their task of bringing the Gospel and teaching the scriptures to this ancient people.
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