Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Maasai Mara report!

Maasai people turn to Jesus!

Although it is difficult to reach the Maasai due to their being on the move all the time trying to find pasture for their animals, there have been many who have turned to Jesus after hearing the message of the Good News preached to them.

This young man has become a Christian and is now sharing the Gospel with others and making an impact amongst his own people for the Lord.

Maasai men herd their animals around the vast Maasai Mara to make sure they are adequately provided with pasture and water. The shortages of water and grazing for animals requires the flocks to cover large distances. Of course the shortage of water and food is also of great concern to the Maasai people for themselves and their families.

The Maasai Mara is home to many wild animals, here the Wildebeest begin their massive migration so often portrayed on wildlife TV programmes.
A Maasai elder has also become a Christian, he is becoming a positive influence upon his people, in particular amongst the men who find it difficult to respond positively to the Gospel.

At times people are overcome by the blessing of God as He shares His great love with the people during services held amongst the Maasai. Truly God is at work in Kenya!

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