Thursday, 6 August 2009

Outreach to the Maasai!

'People of Cows' - the Maasai hear about the Good Shepherd!

Most people in the western world are intrigued when mention is made of the Maasai people. These primitive semi-nomadic tribal cattle keepers who live in Kenya and northern Tanzania remind us of images of men jumping dressed in their tribal clothing. A local Christian ministry however has begun to share the Good News of Jesus with the Maasai people. 'People for Jesus International Ministries' has chosen to befriend the Maasai and to make sure that they are not missed out when one day Jesus returns for His own.
'People for Jesus' spends time amongst the Maasai helping them in all sorts of ways since they are predominantly very poor by today's standards. They have little access to medical, dental and other moder services as well as veterinary services for their cattle, which are their lifeline and traditionally their source of income. Due to problems of drought and severe lack of water the Maasai are under threat and therefore 'People for Jesus' is doing what they can to support and help the Maasai in very difficult circumstances.
Due to their semi-nomadic lifestyle, the Maasai are expected to travel to find appropriate pastures for their stock and as a result face many challenges throughout their lives. 'People for Jesus' can maintain a link with this ancient people helping to make sure that their future is secure.

Whether in local churches throughout the region or in the open air 'People for Jesus' continue to share God's love with the Maasai and see many come to know Christ as a result.

Baptisms take place where there is a water supply, no matter is it is a pool or a river those new believers are baptised into the name of Jesus.

Pastors share God's Word with those who come to see the baptisms making sure they are in no doubt about the Gospel and giving them an opportunity to respond to it.

Here Maasai men share in a local church.

The message of the Gospel is Good News to those who hear it, it allows them to choose to follow Jesus and gives them a hope for the future.
Family groups are often situated in very remote areas and are sometimes difficult to reach but 'People for Jesus' is committed to locating them and serving them in whatever way they can.
Traditionally cattle are their form of livestock but often donkeys are used for transport of materials.

Maasai like cows milk and so daily milking of their animals allows them to provide a nutritious source of protein for themselves and their families.

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