Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mission Team to Narok:

A 12 strong Mission International team has just returned from Narok Kenya where they served with partners People For Jesus International Ministries amongst the Maasai people.   The picture below shows the team standing next to a recently delivered consignment of timber to be used in the construction of homes, latrines and a church building.  This was in addition to a water storage facility erected by the team to provide clean, safe water to the village, providing water to around 2000 people.
The picture shows the two 10,000 litre water tanks now in place.   After this photo was taken a high barbed wire fence was also erected to protect the tanks from wild animals which roam the area.   As the team was in the process of getting the tanks put in place a herd of about 60 zebra passed by about 15 metres away totally ignoring our activities in search of quiet pasture.

The team members were given the rare opportunity to visit Maasai homes and were able to share the Gospel and other encouraging words with the families in the community.
Maasai men spend their day looking after cattle, sheep and goats.   This Maasai man was the head of his village and asked if we would take his photo, a rare request since visitors and tourists have often times abused the friendships they make with the Maasai.
The team took the opportunity of visiting the Maasai mara game reserve where they saw countless animals from Wildebeest to a Cheetah.   These hippo were viewed from the river bank.   Crocodiles were also present.   It was remarkable the numbers of animals present for the team to see.

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