Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The BIG Meal feeds over 400 people in Narok!

Narok gets The BIG Meal
Narok in Kenya received the BIG Meal for the very first time on Christmas Day 2009.   300 kids and 100 adults came together after People For Jesus Ministries planned, prepared and distributed the food having receiving a small grant from Mission International.   "This is the first time an event like this has ever taken place in Narok" says Pastor Tom Opiyo, who with his wife and family serve God in this part of the Maasai Mara.   The people in the area could not believe that this was to be funded by the church and that God would allow them to come together in such a way on this very special day, Christmas Day.

A special event in every way.
The Narok church left nothing to chance, they were determined everyone who came would have a very special day.   The church had arranged for someone (a local Pastor) to tell the Christmas story to the gathered crowd of children and adults.   Many who heard of God's love, and who experienced it first hand as they ate, wanted to come to know this Jesus told of in the related story.      
Fun and laughter included
Children also did dramas and told stories of how people should live if they want to please God.   There were some serious messages as well as comedy and laughter, singing and of course lots of eating.   

Two Centres:
People For Jesus Ministries in Narok runs two churches, one in the town of Narok itself and another out in the village area amongst the Maasai people.   The same BIG Meal special day was held in both centre much to the appreciation of all concerned.

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